Industrial Electrical Services

Industrial electrics in Palmer's Brewery, Bridport, Dorset.
Industrial electrics in Palmer’s Brewery, Bridport, Dorset.

Peter George Electrical Contractors has helped industrial clients throughout Bridport, Lyme Regis, Axminster, Dorchester and Poundbury ensure that their premises and electrical systems are efficient, effective, well-maintained and completely up to code for years.

Repair and Maintenance

Many clients don’t think to have us come out until something goes wrong. Of course, we’re happy to help. If any of your electrical installations or equipment needs seeing to, we can be anywhere in East Dorset or West Devon very quickly.

Regular Inspections and PAT testing

Rather than waiting until something goes wrong, why not begin a programme of regular electrical inspection, preventative maintenance and PAT testing? It is the best way to stay in full compliance with all safety regulations (and the requirements of most insurance companies), and it will keep your workers safer and more productive.

Fire and Safety Systems

Just as important is the possibility of fire or industrial accident. We can help you upgrade your current system or design and install a completely new fire detection and evacuation alarm system that will help ensure that any fire can be dealt with quickly, and your people all get out unharmed.

Replacement and Upgrades

Every electrical installation, appliance or piece of equipment has a finite life. Eventually, the cost of repairing and maintaining it is greater than the cost of a new unit or fresh installation. If that time has come for you, call us today.